Saturday, 30 July 2011

Something about Clowns 7"

Some kind words about Lynched band Clowns on this great blog of mini essays and esoteric musings. Tracey's Face. have a look Here.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just very quickly....

To turn your attention to a lovely piece about Lynch(ed) sometime collaborator  the Diamond Family Archive's excellent covers album 'The Wanderer'. It contains mp3's of album outtakes too. Quite special.
have a look here.

In other news, we are very excited to be awaiting the arrival of 'Some Cartographers' who begin recording their first 'proper' single today, which should be out in September.

Lynch(ed) x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Something Beginning with L.... 'Beautiful Ground'

It is always a little strange to write about music by people you know, but this is our blog, and we can say whatever we like, and if there is a platform where I can talk about this band, then I feel like I should use it. I don’t want to talk about the circumstances of its release, but suffice to say, I am delighted it has found its way out. ‘Beautiful Ground’ is an appropriate title. It is certainly beautiful, but it is the word ‘ground’ that interests me, this space that artists use to site their work. We talk of people ‘breaking new’ or ‘treading old’ ground, but in this case it feels like a declaration, a band planting their creative feet somewhere. Somewhere beautiful and saying, ‘we are here’. I take it for granted that all three members of SBL are exceptional musicians, the songwriting displays an earnest, bright-eyed honesty rarely found amongst many of their peers. This record is one of those that stands out as ever so slightly different from most, and this is what I think (for what it’s worth) that is; there is an almost ungraspable sense that everything on this album is in some way precious. Each song seems to have a fragility like something tiny kept inside a locket for years that the band graciously open up for you to see. Even when it’s loud it’s like this, as though the girders of a tower block were held together with a spider’s silk. I really can’t recommend this record enough, so please get it and enrich yourselves. I would like to think that if you opened up the three heads that make up this band, you would find the most intricate clockwork entirely powered by sensitivity.


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Today's News

In brief, thanks to everyone who has bought the Clowns 7" 'Idiot Bouncing' so far. If you haven't yet, check it out. Also today will see the online release of an E.P. by the Masked Eldorados of the Americas. Written and recorded by the anonymous noise merchants in three days without any of them actually being in the same room (or town), it is yours for just £2. Both these releases are available at our SHOP

In other news, next Wednesday sees the beginning of the recording for Some Cartographers first single. They are one of our favourite bands, and we are made up that they have agreed to work with Lynch(ed). We'll keep you posted. Finally, at the end of this month, the belated but brilliant 7" 'No Arms and No Friends' by Birdengine is due for release.

lynch(ed) x