Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the social network

for some time now, i have been on facebook as lynched recordings. it's a bit of a misnomer, as i have (contrary to my original intentions) been using it as a personal account. my ego is such that i find it hard to resist doing those status updates that i hate myself for. i have tried, of late, to restrict these to just links to music i like or stuff about the label, but preaching about new releases to just my friends seems increasingly odd, as does accepting friend requests from people i don't know, just in case they are interested in the label. i light of these facts, i have now made a facebook page for the label which can be accessed HERE so links to this blog and any upcoming news, from now on will be found there. if you have accessed this from a link to the personal facebook account, please 'like' it, as i will soon be getting rid of it. if you have accessed this from elsewhere, please 'like' as presumably you have some interest in the output? brilliant. thanks. oh, you can also follow the twitter account for lynch(ed) HERE x

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